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Are You Prepared for What’s Around the Bend?

We help railroaders stay on track to maximize their hard earned railroad retirement.

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Who Do We Serve?

Highball Advisors specializes in partnering with professionals in the railroad industry.

As a railroader – you know your benefits are complex.

You can find lots of information about financial planning. But railroaders really do have unique financial planning considerations that generic financial planning firms doesn’t address.

And you can find lots of  information online about your railroad retirement benefits. But it usually is geared towards educating a group – which makes it difficult to sort out how to make the best choices for your situation.

It is rare to find a financial professional who really knows the ins and outs of railroad retirement. Rarer still to find one who actually does full financial planning.

But Highball Advisors is unique. We assist railroad professionals who lived frugal upper-middle income lives, allowing them to accumulate enough wealth to retire. We help you plan for and transition into retirement. We are a comprehensive fee-only financial planning and investment management office. We partner with railroaders from all over the country. We'll take the time to get to know your goals and help you navigate your financial options to build a retirement strategy that works for you. We respect the hard work and sacrifices that you have made throughout your career. Now let us help you maximize your hard earned Railroad Retirement. Take the next step to staying on track by taking advantage of the free 30- minute consultation.

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The Guidance You Need to Make the Right Decisions for Your Future. 

What We Do?

How Do You Maximize Your Railroad Retirement Benefits?

How Does Your Railroad Retirement Annuity Affect Your Retirement Investments Risk Profile?

What Unique Tax Planning Opportunities Are Afforded Railroad Retirees?

These are some of the critical questions that every railroader who wants to maximize their retirement should have answers too.

We answer these and many more of the questions that railroaders will have  throughout their careers. Highball Advisors provide Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management. Unlike traditional advisors, we understand railroaders unique retirement system and how to integrate it into a successful retirement plan. Here are the services we offer:

Railroad Retirement Planning

  • Are you getting the most out of your Railroad Retirement benefits?
  • When is the best time to retire from the railroad?
  • How do my Railroad Retirement benefits work with my other retirement accounts?

Investment Management

  • How should your money be invested to achieve your goals?
  • How much Risk do I need to be taking?
  • How do I navigate my railroad stock grants?

Tax Planning

  • How will taxes affect my retirement spending?
  • Can you lower your tax bill and keep more of your money, now and in the future?
  • How are my Railroad Retirement benefits taxed?

Estate Planning

  • Will your assets go the people you want?
  • How can you make sure your heirs get more of your estate than Uncle Sam?
  • How do the new tax laws effect my estate planning?

Retirement Planning

  • How much money do you need to retire?
  • Where will your retirement income come from?
  • Do you have enough to retire comfortably... and stay retired?

What you can expect from me:

As a fee only advisor it means that I am not compensated by any other firm or individual for selling you a product. I work strictly for you and am compensated by you alone. This relationship allows me to give you  unencumbered advice when it comes to your investments. It allows for transparent and honest conversations when it comes to achieving your goals. Also, it is very important to me that you understand your investments. I provide a simplified and jargon free way of communicating with my clients.

What I expect from you:

For our partnership to work, I need to know what is important to you. I need you to be as transparent with me as possible. If there is a life changing event, I need to know about it. I also would expect you to seriously consider any advice that I give you. Finally ask questions of me, it is important for you to have confidence in your strategy.

How much does it cost?

We agree to a flat annual fee at the beginning of our work, and you pay it monthly ( out of cash flow or your investment accounts). 

The fee is calculated on the basis of assets under management, as you report to us before our engagement begins.

Fee Calculation

Assets Under ManagementAnnual Fee
Up to $1,000,0001.00%
Over $1,000,0000.50%

Minimum Annual Fee:

We specialize in working with railroaders throughout their careers and into retirement. We know that it takes time and dedication to a well thought out plan to build wealth. To enable us to serve railroaders in their wealth building years, we have a minimum annual fee of $2,400 per household.


  • A client with $75,000 in assets under management (AUM) will be charged $2,400/year.
  • A client with $500,000 in AUM will be charged 1% = $5,000/year.

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"In the end, it's not the years in your life that counts. It's the life in your years." ...Abraham Lincoln

John McNamara, CRPC® Photo

John McNamara, CRPC®

Prior to starting Highball Advisors, I owned a commodity trading and brokerage company in New York, Chicago, and Dublin. Fear, greed, and pride were some of the daily working conditions in the financial markets. I enjoyed my twenty plus years in the trading “pits” and came away with some great life lessons. Regrettably, computers and automation would descend upon the financial industry and with that the trading “pits” would vanish. Progress eventually catches up with most industries. You either adapt or go away. I adapted by starting my own internet trading exchange in Dublin, Ireland called Intrade. Government regulation would eventually shutter the business after ten years.

Leveraging my years of experience in the financial markets and business, I wound up working for a large national broker-dealer in Greenville,SC. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that individuals need a partner to offer impartial financial advice and not a salesman. There is no doubt people need help. Study after study has demonstrated that. But people don’t want to be “sold” unnecessary investments. So I opened up my fee-only advisory firm, Highball Advisors, to provide unbiased guidance to railroad professionals. It was important to me that I only received compensation from my clients and not paid commissions by investment houses and insurance companies hence fee-only.

I currently reside in Greenville, SC with my wife Becky, our dog Phoebe, and two very cranky cats. Becky and I raised four daughters who have left the nest. Three of them live in New York City and the remaining is studying at Clemson University. My interests that I enjoy – golf, hiking, college football, and most of all traveling to see my girls in New York. Becky and I lead the Feed the Hungry Ministry at St. Mary’s Magdalene Church, which serves meals to the homeless in Greenville area. We both find it rewarding and helps us put things in perspective.

To sum it all up, I have been extremely blessed throughout my life. From family to career, I don’t have anything to complain about. Not that anyone is listening. The most satisfaction I receive however is from service to others. While Highball Advisors is a business, it is partnering together and achieving goals that is so rewarding to the bottom line.

I am a registered investment advisor (RIA) and hold a Series 7 and 66 license. I am also a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®).

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Highball Helper Blog

The helper locomotive is there to assist trains to get over steep grades. 

This blog serves the same purpose. It is here to help give ideas to get you over those steep financial grades that lie ahead of you. I hope you enjoy!

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Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

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How do Highball Advisor employees get paid?
I don’t live in Greenville, S.C. Can I still work with you?
Do I need a certain amount of money to work with you?
Can’t I just do all this financial planning myself?
Can I cancel my ongoing planning relationship?
What does financial planning include?
I’m not in the Railroad industry. Can I still work with you?
Do I have to pay for my first meeting with you?

Send Us a Message and See If You Are On Track!

Not everyone is right for our firm. We are very selective of the people we choose to bring on as clients, because we have a long-term planning relationship with them.

If you just want to open an IRA and manage it yourself, Highball Advisors is not for you. There are plenty of bank representatives who can help open an account.

If you only want to buy an insurance policy, Highball Advisors is not for you. There are plenty of insurance salesmen who would be happy to sell you a policy.

But if you’re looking for a trusted advisor who understands both your Railroad Retirement benefits, and the finer points of advanced financial planning, then you should talk with Highball Advisors.

Get Your Risk Number

Why Do I Need To Know My Risk Number?

  • How much Risk are you comfortable with?

  • How much Risk do you need to achieve your goals?

  • How are you currently invested?

Capture Your Risk Number

The first step is to answer a
5-minute questionnaire that
covers topics such as portfolio
size, top financial goals, and
what you’re willing to risk for
potential gains. Then we’ll
pinpoint your exact Risk Number
to guide our decision making

Align Your Portfolio

After pinpointing your Risk
Number, we’ll craft a portfolio
that aligns with your personal
preferences and priorities,
allowing you to feel comfortable
with your expected outcomes.
The resulting proposed portfolio
will include projections for the
potential gains and losses we
should expect over time.

Define Your Retirement Goals

We will also review your progress
toward your financial goals by
building a Retirement Map.
When we are finished, you’ll
better understand what we can
do to increase the probability
of success.

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